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eFoodHandlers® CALIFORNIA Basic Food Safety

The purpose of this course is to expose California food handlers to important Food Safety concepts. This course is not intended to train microbiologists or sanitarians, but to instill a basic understanding and to create sensitivity and awareness toward critical food safety concepts (e.g. hand washing, cross-contamination, temperature control, etc).

This is a basic concepts course for California and should not be confused with the Manager's Course that is required for the 'Person In Charge' in many states. If you have questions about what course is required for your jurisdiction and job classification, we recommend you contact your local Environmental Health department. They are also a good resource for information surrounding your unique food handling and preparation situation.

California Policy
New California food rules require each food worker to receive food safety training from an ANSI approved food safety training provider. eFoodHandlers qualifies as an approved training provider under this law.

eFoodHandlers' ANSI Accreditation Status (California):Approved
San Diego County Status: Approved (DEH2014-FFHI-000039)

eFoodhandlers Basic
Food Safety #1035

Note: San Bernardino and Riverside Counties have their own food safety program and may not accept eFoodhandlers California Certificate. Refer to County websites for their specific food safety training instructions. eFoodhandlers certificates are not generally accepted in these counties.

State Rules Link:

Main Course Topics

  • Employee Illness
  • Handwashing
  • Your Role in Helping Prevent Foodborne Illness
  • The Rose of Management in Helping Prevent Foodborne Illness
  • Foodborne Illness
  • Temperature Control
  • Final Cooking Temperature
  • Contamination and Cross Contamination
  • Your Own Health Comes First

Important: Refer to Basic Requirements Overview. If you have questions about what training is appropriate for
your job within your California jurisdiction, contact your local Environmental Health department.


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